DEAR TED: What questions should I ask at my interview?"

Posted on 4th July, 2019

The real trick is to see if you can turn an interview into more of a conversation, so that you ask questions as you go along.  This isn't always easy, especially when there is a panel interview. 


The main thing is to remember that an interview has to be a two way process.  You need to decide whether you want to work at the place that is interviewing you as much as they have to decide if you fit their needs.  So what matters most to you, personally?


If it is your own development at this stage: then finding out about how they will support you with training courses, getting involved in, or running projects might be a key area to ask about.


If you have specific flexibility needs then ask about their attitude to working from home or taking time off and working extra hours at other times, or about their use of mobile technology. 


At this stage asking lots of questions about pay and benefits should be low on your list, they can come later once they are making an offer.


And finally if there is something that your are uncomfortable about then ask!  Isn't it better to rule yourself out now rather than three months into the new job????

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