Dear Ted "I’ve been invited to do some consulting work, should I tell my boss?"

Posted on 4th July, 2019
  1. Contract: Some employers include valid clauses which forbid you to work for anyone else, so start with a read of your contract.  I say valid because they have the right to protect their IP and business interests.  Even if a clause exists then it is still worth asking, since an enlightened boss may well see it as beneficial to your development
  2. Culture: In the academic world it’s often encouraged, so the answer may depend on where you work
  3. How much?: for an approximate day rate take your pay and divide by 150, that or more and you’re doing well!
  4. Small world: always tell, you never know who knows who and it may well get back to your boss anyway
  5. Tax: keep very good records and remember to declare additional earnings (but not legitimate expenses) to HMRC when you do your tax return (other income section)

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