Dear Ted "We have to complete an equalities survey at work, maybe I should tell them?"

Posted on 4th July, 2019

This has to be your choice, but I was lucky enough to attend a talk given by Lord Brown, arranged by Suki Sandhu, a few years ago.  He made it very clear that he now wished that he had come out years ago. 


He explained that he had to spend so much time and energy hiding the fact that he was gay, that he had been a lot less productive in his working career than he could have been.


Another talk by a business woman, not unlike you, gave me cheer.  She said that when she came out all she had was love and support, and then new opportunities opened up….. something which I witnessed myself at Glaxo years ago when the climate was still quite hostile.


I can link you to some experienced HR people who are gay and lesbian who might be willing to mentor you….


All questions to Dear Ted are welcomed, albeit most come from my mentoring sessions it’s interesting that I’m now getting unsolicited extra questions, bring it on!


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