Dear Ted "Should I have an interests section in my cv?"

Posted on 4th July, 2019

I get a lot of people asking me to review their cv and very few have an interests or hobbies section.... which is a shame, because when company recruiters are making selection decisions they need something to differentiate between candidates


For less experienced people this can be key, eg new graduates joining the market place and facing lots of competition. 


As a recruiter I'm looking for that something extra and if I see that you have done some voluntary work, played representative sports, cared for a parent, worked abroad in your holidays, or simply love reading or cinema it starts to give me a feel for the other side of your life ..... don't forget that I have to think about whether I want you in my team or not, as well as the more obvious question of whether you can do the job or not!


So do yes!  But don't make things up, and if you say you do something, be ready to talk about it at an interview!


Dear Ted is a series based on questions asked of me by my mentees.  Please ask with a PM or comment below

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