DEAR TED "Any tips for a return to work after sickness absence?"

Posted on 4th July, 2019

This can also apply to sickness/paternity/maternity or other extended leave or even a secondment away


Preparation is key, don't just turn up on the day without considering some or all of the following:


* a chat to the HR team, to get their advice and support and to ensure you have what they need (eg a doctors note confirming you are fit for work and what, if any restrictions are needed)

* a chat with your line manager.... best if this can be near (but not at) your place a work a week or so before you return. You can plan your reentry and how to make sure its successful * on the day itself maybe ask someone to meet you outside and walk in with you, that way you can clear security easily if your pass doesn't work and they will take the strain off having to stop and chat to everyone on the way to your desk!

* take in some cakes or biscuits and give everyone an excuse to sit and say hi to you over a cuppa, maybe all together to save repeating yourself

* don't try to catch up on everything on Day One! Just sorting out IT systems and saying hi will wear you out


please add your ideas in the comments below, all these questions come from my mentees

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