Dear Ted: I’m getting complaints from the public about an outsourced security officer, what can I do?

Posted on 23rd October, 2019

You need to raise this with whoever runs the contract (eg your Head of Facilities) and his line manager.  Explain that it has the potential to bring the organisation into disrepute and needs to be sorted out quickly.   Ensure that they have the evidence, as the officer may be unaware of the impact they have had.


The matter should then be dealt with under the contractors disciplinary code (probably a warning, maybe written and training support) or as a welfare issue if there is some other circumstance (eg illness or medicines that have changed his personality).  Their HR team should be involved, not you.


It is highly likely that the officer will be moved to another site that the security firm operate…. they won’t want to lose your business, but at least that gives him a chance to adjust and make amends. 



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