Dear Ted: As a team we travel a lot and are losing the team spirit, any ideas?

Posted on 23rd October, 2019

From what you’ve told me the biggest issue is in the office, where some team members are based five days a week.  They see you all travelling around from a sales pitch to a delivery meeting and wonder what’s happening and why things are so rushed when you get back to the office.


There are several things to consider: 


  • An agreement to try not to have external meetings every Monday morning (or other day that works) and all to keep an hour for a catch-up over coffee
  • A WhatsApp group (or similar) where you all just chat briefly about what’s happening in the moment
  • Regular short Emails to all from the people travelling, such as “Sales pitch at XXX went really well, we need a draft proposal, YES!”
  • Everyone puts a note in their diary that the team can see where they are each day, preferably a week in advance
  • Find chances to take the office folk out on trips with you, to learn what happens
  • Hold occasional away days with the whole team, putting things into perspective and having some fun



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