Assisting a small Cambridge Biotech

Posted on 4th July, 2019

A couple of months ago I received a call from a very concerned Chairman.  He was really worried that a falling out between his CEO and CFO was going to bring the company down, and asked if I could help out


After being briefed further by the leading investor NED about the issues the friction was causing, I talked to each of them seperately over several hours, trying to understand the bigger picture: their respective backgrounds, experiences, what they wanted to get out of life and the job in hand, what success would look like


Having won their confidence, and made clear that the Chairman wanted results, not to know what they said or felt about each other (!), I took them both off-site for a day


And yep - it was as simple as that.  They now appreciate and respect each other and will, I'm sure, now go on to be a great team together.


And to prove the point I've taken a small number of shares in the Company, rather than a payment, because I'm happy to stand by my results!

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