Supporting a newly promoted HR Director

Posted on 6th July, 2019

I've just spent a lovely hour chatting on Skype to the HR Director of a mid-sized Biotech in Cambridge


We are now six months in to a years support and it was great to hear about the successes she has just made with getting significant changes agreed by her management team to pay policy, staff development and staff engagement


My role has been to challenge and provoke and, because I'm not that great at non-directive counselling (!), make suggestions, but principally to provide oversight and moral support through the tricky stages of each project as it has progressed


The nature of the change programme was significant and needed some periods of concentrated work by me, but the best thing has being watching this excellent Head of HR grow and develop and now shine as an HR Director.  It's the kind of work I love doing, it's very rewarding for everyone


And I think we can step down for two days a month to half a day a month from now on :-)



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