DEAR TED "I'm going to leave work and go to America for a year in six months time, should I tell my boss?

Posted on 4th July, 2019

In nearly all cases the answer is yes.  Being honest with your employer and not surprising them usually pays dividends.


Why?  Because you're giving them a chance to make plans, possibly to recruit, maybe to train someone, possibly to tell you about a promotion just around the corner.... and you increase the likelihood that they will offer to provide a reference and/or the chance of a job when you return.


In a very small number of cases your boss will be a pain, cut you out of events and be a bit churlish ... well that probably explains why you're leaving!   But if you've worked there a couple of years they cant fire you, you're only telling them of your intention.... you only resign when everything is in place (eg you have your VISA!).


Now go and enjoy yourself!

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