Examples of Completed Projects


Merger Support


If you don't look after the people who work for the companies involved, then you run the risk of losing the best. Ensuring communications are more frequent and appropriately worded and that key people are personally supported through regular meetings and calls helps to make for a successful integration.  Projects completed with a series of biotechs and a charity and a NGO


Interim HR Director


When there's a gap between appointments, or maternity/paternity/sick leave removes a leader then support is sometimes needed to give the team direction and challenge.  We have a number of experienced professionals who can step in and provide appropriate support, from simply holding the fort, to helping progress changes already underway


Culture Change


Productivity suffers when the culture of an organisation isn't fit for purpose.  In a recent project the team needed stabilising fast to prevent further resignations, and once the key factors behind the problem had been identified, coaching of the team leaders and some changes to HR policies, plus the introduction of a proper consultation process, turned things around 


HR Team Restructure


Every so often an HR team needs a makeover, often when a company has grown organically and the team have grown with it.  We have advised on a number of occassions, identifying key internal talent ready for progression as well as helping source replacements and sensitively, and with dignity, helping others move on 


Mental Health 


One of the greatest reasons that companies lose productivity, ofetn without realising it, is through either actual absence from the workplace, or worse, people being present but ineffective because they have unseen issues they are dealing with.  We have introduced mental health first aiders to three different organisations so far and have helped them reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues


Remmuneration Committee Support


We have helped some relatively inexperienced HR Directors prepare for RemCo meetings, including work on People Strategy, Exec Pay, Share Schemes, Relocation and International Assignments (ex pat allowances)



Exec Team Support/Shaping/Building


Increasingly Exec teams are split over different locations, or they simply don't see eye to eye. One recent project helped an Exec team get to know each other and appreciate each others talents (not function related!) and another brought back together a waring CEO and CFO (the alternative was an expensive settlement agreement!).  Productivity soon gets back to higher levels once the basics are sorted, and Board Chairs can concentrate on other issues.

Staff Consultation


We have helped design and impliment an elected staff representative council, required by an organisation after it acquired companies in Europe.  UK companies with good consultative framewoks all report healthy productivity


New Manager Assimilation


A new manager or Director arriving to lead a team can be quite unsettling for everyone, whether they are coming from the outside world or, in bigger organisations from another subsidiary or branch.  We have a well tested technique to make their entrance as smooth and productive as possible, and it has been used multiple times




All the associates who work with UKHR.com mentor people in their profession and sometimes others in other fields.  We don't get involved in setting up complex schemes, we just get on with helping those who are developing and want some advice and pointers



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