Dear Ted: Whats’ the best way to run a wellbeing campaign in a smaller company?

Posted on 23rd October, 2019

Do you have a staff committee?  If you do then this would be a great project for them to get involved in.  And I say that because wellbeing isn’t something that you can impose, you need active involvement from lots of people.


If not then send round a communication to all, inviting those with an interest to step forward and volunteer to help. Run some brainstorming sessions, get people to talk to friends and find out what is happening elsewhere, and if you get lots of offers of help maybe split up into groups to cover different aspects, such as mental health, physical wellbeing, dietary health, financial etc. 


And who knows: maybe the wellbeing team will morph into a staff committee over time as they discuss issues that need to be resolved in the organisation


Don’t worry about a policy - just start doing stuff!  And the great thing is that you won’t need a big budget, and most activities people will happily take part in during their own time

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