Dear Ted: Who appraises the appraisors?

Posted on 23rd October, 2019

Some organisations have fixed calendar appraisals that link to pay review, others keep them separate, some prefer not to have a formal system at all, but best practice, as generally accepted, is that everyone should have a regular opportunity to review their work and their development .... and that includes senior line managers and board members


The CEO should review each member of the Exec team and then the CEO should be appraised by the Chair of the board. The Chair also has the task of reviewing the work of the board members, and the Chair themselves is normally reviewed by the senior independent board member, who will sound out the views of the other board members and the CEO before their conversation.


In the larger organisations independent reviews of boards are often carried out on behalf of the Chair by HR Consultants, who can also look at effectivess and diversity, ensuring that appropriate training is in place and that members haven't overstayed their usefulness, and are sufficiently independent!


Recently several large organisations, both charitable and commercial, have fallen foul of best practice and run into trouble, and it is often because relationships at the top have become too comfortable.


Food for thought!

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