Dear Ted: Is it OK to work over Christmas?

Posted on 21st December, 2019

Yes and No!


For a large number there is no choice, we need the emergency services, transport, security..... For others Christmas is not celebrated, so they want to get on with their lives. And for some work is their entire world, so being forced to stop is not always healthy


For those who work in offices, agencies etc., with a one or two week closedown, then Christmas is often the only time of year that they get to properly relax and allow stress levels to drop (because during Summer holidays the emails keep arriving regardless)


If you are a manager or leader and you choose to continue to work, the best thing you can do for your team is not to send things to them, or even allow them to realise that you're working. Keep those emails containing all your great ideas as drafts, and then slowly release them during January in priority order


And then remember, if you are lucky enough to have a family, this is the one time in the year they will expect to be able to reconnect with you, so put aside the laptop as much as you can, give your eyes a rest and engage those ears and your mouth instead!


And don't keep checking emails on your mobile! If there is a crisis they will call. 

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